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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 20, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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boys and girls club. he had to break the news to the kids who were really upset. they are hoping whoever is responsible will have a change of heart and return the items. >> on the weather front it has been one cold windy day. cloudy early on and then the sunshine broke out. then that sun reaching across the state. had a few flurries. a few in howard county. the temperatures feeling colder than they are because of threaps winds which are gusting near 30. overnight things will be cold out there as we move toward daybreak. we're down in the low 20s. thursday looks like the best day for awhile. talk about some more ugly weather headed our way coming up. >> if you purchased tickets to last night's megamillions and haven't checked the numbers yet, you could be in for a huge
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surprise. >> jeff hager stopped off just off interstate 70 where someone scored the winning ticket. >> eric smith is a day late and $26 million short. >> wish it was me last night oar are you didn't play? >> no. >> reporter: but someone purchased the lone win are right here at this shell station in mt. airy and customers here are abuzz about it. >> $20 million i heard. >> reporter: $26 million. you think you could have fond a place to spend $20 million? >> i could have done that. >> reporter: while the person hasn't come forward, the owner of the store will collect a retail bonus. he didn't know how much. we contacted the maryland lottery. do you want to know how much you
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will get? >> how much? >> reporter: $26,000. he said that's more than he makes off of lottery ticket sales all year, at five cents a ticket. at this point he only has one regret. wish you had bought a ticket? [ laughter ] >> reporter: don't worry. or not alone loo wish i had $26 million. >> reporter: what would you do with it? >> i don't know. i'd have a good time doing it. whatever it was i'd have a good time doing it. >> reporter: in carroll county, jeff hager. >> now the single winner can elect a cash payout of $19 million. if you're scoring at home the numbers were 1, 15, 19, 30, and the megaball was 28. our hot topic tonight.
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listen, could the olympic games be coming to car city. >> baltimore has been invited to bid. we are one of the 35 cities that received a letter from the u.s. olympic committee. baltimore could potentially submit a bid. the question is is the city capable of hosting and managing such a massive event. we want to know what you think? should baltimore be an like destination. head to we are hearing opinions on both sides. some say this would be a disaster. others say it would be a boost for tourism. we have an update to some breaking news. more explosive testimony today in the bail hearing of the like hero accused of murdering his goi. prosecutors say they have witnesses who heard nonstop shouting and fighting and one witness saw lights on at the time of the shots. those claims contradict what oscar pistorius has said. he said he accidentally shot his
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girlfriend through the bathroom door mistaken her for an intruder. all new tonight, washington dysfunction is back. it's about your money, tax dollars, we have the very latest. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. just nine days until $85 billion in federal spending cuts could go into effect. the pentagon said if that happens, the have the majority of the 800,000 civilian workers would have to be furloughed. >> this is one of the most distasteful tasks i will face. >> reporter: they will lose one day of work each week for 22 weeks, a also of 20% of their pay. military personnel would be exempted. pentagon officials warn even though the civilian workforce will take the direct hit --
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>> the associated furloughs will impact our war fighters, our veterans and family mem tbhers untold ways. >> reporter: lawmakers voted to delay it by two months as part of that last-minute deal at new year's but that set up another deadline. if congress doesn't act by march 1st, $85 billion in spending cuts did into effect all at once. it would also mean tsa agents are furloughed, so expect longer lines at airport security. 1,000 law enforcement agents forced off the job. 70,000 preschoolers dropped from their head start program. 80% of the pentagon civilian workforce is based outside of the washington area. virginia and california would be the states most affected by these furloughs. karen travers, abc2 news, washington. john kerry received a warm
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reception for his first major speech as secretary of state. the speech focused on the president's foreign policy. kerry made the case for providing aid to other countries and spoke at the university of virginia. well, jesse jackson, jr.'s political career has derailed further. he pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds. >> jk son entered a plea in federal court. prosecutors said he used the money for gifts including two hats belonging to emergency mrnlings a rolex watch and furniture. >> there is reason for optimism. a man that talented, a man that devoted to public service, a man who's done so much for so many, there will be another chap trp of jesse jackson. >> jackson is facing up to five years in prison and a $250,000
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fine. he will be sentenced june 28th. >> you may have to start leaving for the airport even earlier. why we may see longer lines starts as sun as next month. two major office supply chains are joining sources. we'll tell you about the deal between office depot and office max. a cold windy day. waves rolling in in ocean city. man, it was cold on the beach and across the entire state. we'll talk about when the winds relent and when we could see more wintry weather around here. that's straight ahead.
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the stocks went falling. the dow jones down 108, the nasdaq down almost 50 and the s&p 500 dunn almost 19 -- down almost 19. you may have to leave going to the airport earlier. staffing will be reduced.
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agents handling security, customs and air traffic control would be forced to furlough employees. there will be one less office supply store. office depot is buying it's smaller rival office max. the deal is worth $1.2 billion. no details on the staff reductions or store closings. martha stewart is at the center of a battle between j.c. penney and macy's. they are duking it out over selling her merchandise. macy's said it has exclusive rights. all right. a simple supplement would cut the risk of breast cancer in women. find out what common treatment for machine they pause could
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lower the risk. and we'll take a look at seth macfarlane.
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answering your heart questions. doctor, what's the best way to pick a cardiac surgeon. >> often times patients are
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referred by their cardiologist. the thing i advise patients on you have to establish a rapport, be comfortable with the person. they have a top answer your questions, want to spend time with you and put you at ease. you have to feel a sense of comfort level that that person knows what they're doing and how they will perform it. you can look on the internet. word of mouth is a good way. people in the community know who's a good operator. >> maybe you should shop around as well. >> the phone banks are sitting by waiting for your calls. the number to call, 410-481-2222. thrp' here until 6 -- they're here until 6:30.
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a beautiful finish to an otherwise cold and cloudy day. it looks good looking out the window from downtown. for most of us it was a cold deal. windy at kent island. the sun came out earlier from the bay bridge south. clouds held tougher north. here in towson cloud cover dom flatting most of the day, some late day clearing here. the county seat of baltimore county. how about deep creek lake, still a harsh winter wonderland out in
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garrett county, no doubt about that. take a look first at some of the numbers. we're seeing wind chill factors that are brutal. mid-20s around baltimore. carroll county, westminster, out toward eldersburg and beyond, those areas definitely feeling the whole impact. look at winds, steady west, northwest, gusting close to 30. the end result, again, is a pretty frigid wind chill factor. as we look at the day tomorrow there will be some changes, some improvements. we'll lack for temperatures to climb making it close to 40s if not into the low 40s, places like shady side and glen burnie. it will not go beyond that. despite sunshine, despite less wind we'll have the core of the cold air mass settling? so an improvement but maybe not
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a dramatic one. 40s with less wind. so clearing out overnight. winds relaxing tomorrow. cold core air mass celts. as we go from tomorrow into friday here's the leading edge of the next wave. could bring in mixed showers as early as your friday evening commute. we think the main rain will come as we go into early saturday morning. you can see that cold air as this funnels shout into nashville. pretty brutal. february still with some teeth. we're still definitely not in the heart of winter perhaps but definitely in the winter season. we feel the effect. as we go tomorrow temperatures will not move a lot, upper 30 to near 40. it could start as some snow friday mixed with perhaps rain
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or sleet. we'll keep tracking that friday afternoon, friday night and early saturday scenario. we're watching that scenario as it moves. part of the wild card will be how much it strengthens over the mid-atlantic. it could help pull in colder air to work with and move the snow line further east. tonight 21. flurries ending. tomorrow 38, most lips sun -- mostly sunny, dry and cold. clouds increase as we go into early friday, then a chance for wintry showers. at least cold rain if nothing else. as we look at the setup beyond that there is some improvement sunday. we're not mid-40s. things turning slightly milder and more 40s in the offing. at one point we thought we could get into the 50s on monday. we'll keep tweaking the forecast for you.
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>> all right. thank you very much. what are you doing on that side? >> got to keep on the move. >> you're closer to my heart. there you g we go to kelly. >> dr. taylor is close to our heart from the university of maryland medical center. we're talking about heart awareness. february is heart month. we're talking about heart issues. you're a cardiac surgeon. technology has changed. talk about the multidisciplinary approach. >> simply using the concept two heads are better than one. so when we look at patients and evaluate patients now it's often their charts, their records are being reviewed by a number of people including, for instance in cardiac surgery, a cardiac surgeon, a cardiologist, someone who's an expert in a given discipline, often times nursing, the icu who will take care of
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the patient afterwards, rehab people. that allows the best possible care to the patients and offer new innovative technology that can be done by a group of different people as opposed to one individual. >> a sense of relief because they don't have much to worry b they have the team mem brers working together. >> the patient comes in with a valve issue. there are multiple ways to approach it from a traditional incision, a device put in through a needle and a wire, small incision in the groin or the side of the cleft. by working stheght you have a group of people who bring different things to the table that allows the patient to get the maximum benefit. in the care of taking care of complex issues or complex patients, clearly best practices and good outcome is what we want to achieve. by putting a team together that facilitates that is in the patient's best interest. >> all right.
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thanks, doctor. you've got questions. he's got answers. the number to call to get your questions answered about your heart health and awareness is 410-481-2222. let's send it back over to jamie. a new study finds the substance found in soy could help out breast cancer risk. iso play in vines act as -- flav vines may cut the breast cancer risk. the study participants who took high doses reduced their cancer risk by 23457% in five years. doctors suggest you get your iso flavins from food. >> if you're going to do soy, take it in food, not in supplements yet. let's find out whether we can use supplements but soy beans, soy nuts, these are all good
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sources. >> the complete findings are in the international journal of cancer. how about this? dodge for a cure. >> that's what some local high schoolers are calling a fund raise tore benefit the cystic fibrosis foundation. >> they teamed together for a dodge ball tournament. right now they're practicing for the event. cystic fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease and it causes debilitating lung infections that lead to premature deaths. >> we want to spread awareness to everybody because it's a very common genetic disease. my brother as it and a lot of people around the community have it. >> dodge for a cure will be held on saturday february 23rd from 4:30 to 8 in towson. the cost is a mere $10 per
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person. coming up paul new at 6:00 -- all new at 6:00, elementary schools so crowded that they're working in the hallway. >> and does eating greasy foods or sweets cause acne? we'll break down the connection between foods and breakouts. those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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we told you oscar oath seth macfarlane is one and done. >> we have a look at the comedian known for his
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controversial sense of humor and how he's preparing for the big night. >> reporter: seth macfarlane does it all -- acts, writes, sings and produces. now days away from hosting the academy awards, macfarlane said this will be his toughest audience yet. >> if you're too soft they're not going to give you much. if you're too hard they will gasp and turn on them. i suspect they will hate me in the first 30 seconds. if you don't know who i am, just pretend i'm donny ops monde. >> reporter: but you probably recognize his comedy, in particular "family guy" where he voices most of the main characters. >> good lord. >> reporter: his first feature film ted raked in $5 million.
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forbes listed him as the 74th most powerful celebrity. >> i think he will hit it out of the park. he is a big time envelope pusher. he may offend very many people that night. >> reporter: the only thing he can reveal is he will deliver what he thinks is funny. >> once you get through the opening, unless you do something pretty stupid, you're pretty much gold. >> reporter: macfarlane met with billy crystal for advice but his favorite host of all is johnny carson. >> we'll see how he fairs come sunday. you can watch the 85th annual academy awards this sunday. >> get ready for the big night. check out our oscars guide. go to web been/oscars --
5:59 pm >> researchers are ranking the saddest state in the country according to your tweets. >> where does maryland fall on the list? find out on abc2 news at 6 which starts happily right now. want to talk about a long lunch period. one elementary school school it takes three hours for students to get through lunch in the cafeteria. the solution to solving overcrowding. >> the boys and girls club provides a safe haven for kids but they need your help after someone stole thousands of dollars in equipment. >> welcome to mt. lottery. a lucky person in mt. airy don't have to worry anymore. they're so successful that


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